Lists! Again!

Things which make me happy: 

1. Finally meeting someone else who’s going through the same stuff. Someone else who’s scared and confused and feels like they should know a little more. Maybe this shouldn’t make me happy, but it does.

2. Facebook messages that say “I like your blog, and wow you’re brave” from someone I don’t know that well.

3. Passing chemistry which leads to…

4. Getting a little closer to becoming an MS researcher

5. Being a little mean and not letting other people hide from what people with MS go through every day.

Things I want for my birthday:

1. A day off Copaxone. Please?

2. A cure

3. New jeans

4. Better training for the CT needle-wielding fiends… oh I mean nurses…

5. People to pronounce “Godot” correctly. 

6. Twizzlers