"Keep S’Myelin"

…t-shirts that make no sense, part 2. What is this supposed to mean? Keep your myelin? Keep smiling? Both? It’s stupid. On a related note, my Neuro prof’s lectures on myelin feel like telling someone without legs all the benefits of having legs. Did you know that you can walk and dance and run and skip and climb things and play sports and … oh wait, not you…. 

Speaking of neuro, trying to get my act together in that class. Thought I tried hard enough on the last exam, but when I told Cassie I had made “31 flashcards… I’ve never made that many flashcards!”, she just responded “Must have been a pretty easy test if you only needed 31 little pieces of information…” 

As the C in my online gradebook will tell you, she’s right. More flashcards! Currently am on a train home for another like 36 hour visit, but it will be worth it I’m sure. Bringing my brothers presents!