Note to Self

Dear Self,

You’re pretty cute, did you know that? Your hair is really cool, I actually think the dye job looks kinda nice. And you’re like… smart and stuff. Maybe we should hang out some time? Go to like… a pizza place? A movie? My house? Hang out a bit?

You thought I was serious, didn’t you? F no bro, I’m so not interested. Here’s what you actually should know: your 40 page gov paper is not going to get written unless you start writing it. Please do that immediately. Or else.



Do you ever feel like…

…it’s 1989 in Berlin, Germany? No, probably not, but I do. Why? The Iron Curtain is falling! We are currently in a state of “partial power.” “Partial Power” is not a THING. It does not exist in the real world. Partial power means: 

The first floor has full power

The second floor has half power

The third floor has no power

The light in the bathroom works, but the bathroom outlets do not

The lights flicker and sometimes die

Our generator looks like it was a 3rd grader’s science fair project

NOT A THING. Dear CL&P (Connecticut Light & Power for those of you not affected by Snowpocalypse), please get your shit together. 

The Orange Cat, or Why Sometimes You Can’t Be Positive

I try to think positive, I really do! My brother doesn’t believe me, he tells me I’m negative and cynical.

And I said maybe he’d be negative and cynical too if there was something eating his brain, so maybe I’m not really so positive as I hope.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this cat lately

^that cat.

Continuing on, I’ve been thinking a lot about the cat. Last year I spent a very long time (sigh) chasing around that cat in a graveyard in Paris just to get the perfect picture (possibly achieved up there).

Today I spent a beautiful summer day in the ER, which basically concluded in them giving me a very high dose of advil and saying sometimes people with MS just have pain. 

Here comes the return of the list:

Facts of today: 

1. I don’t want to be a person with MS

2. I don’t want to just have pain

3. I had decided that my choices for the day were to go to the gym or to go to the ER and find out why I was having severe chest pains, and I should have really chosen the gym

4. Today I am not an optimist

And so I wonder if there will be more days chasing an orange cat around a rainy cemetery in Paris, just to get that one perfect picture. Probably, because I’m not in a wheelchair, and my condition isn’t that bad, but some days it just doesn’t seem like it. 

Sorry, that was a long rant. See ya, everybody 🙂 

Welcome to Camp Your-Own-House

Gee Little Miss Spinal Tapped, is it summer already? Did your semester already finish? Did your waitressing job fall through? Well, don’t feel bad, start earning badges!

Badges Earned Thus Far:

Heat Warrior: Must successfully install window air conditioner with help of mother. Challenge = do not drop air conditioner on your mother’s feet.

Princess of Ink: Teach yourself to replace printer ink cartridges.
Challenge = do not get used ink everywhere.

Training Wizard: Train your mother in the art of the Copaxone Injection. Challenge: make her laugh mid-injection.

Gym Hero: Convince yourself to go to the gym on occasion. Challenge: actually work out while there.

Badges You Haven’t Yet Earned:

Best Sister Ever: Get your brothers to actually like you. Challenge: do not bribe with money or candy.

Revenge Master: Go to former high school and bitch out pre-calculus teacher regarding her lack of skills and horrible fashion sense. Challenge: do not burst into tears and/or laughter.