Teach Me How to Taggie

teach me teach me how to taggie

No, but really, I have a serious tag problem. Let me try to explain. My problem is that most of my tags are just inside jokes with myself. To be clear, these are jokes that only exist within my own head. Actually.

I think the purpose of tags (or how I explained them to my mom) (for use on her much more functional blog which you can find here) is to sort of make “topics” (tags) that people can click on in your “tag cloud” to see more posts that deal with that subject. Such as, for normal people, “family” or “recipes” or “new york city” or “roommates.” To contrast, here’s a rundown of some of my own tags that I (and only I) have found clever:


did i mention cankles?

go watch 10 movies in some air conditioning

hilarity ensued

i don’t want to share solutions with you

jk this isn’t about hipster music

omg its so dark


you have to speak spanish in order to read this post

One thing that you might note about all these “tags” (they don’t really qualify as tags) is that I don’t use them more than once. For some of them (such as “hilarity ensued” or many more that I didn’t list) this is simply because I forget that they exist. That’s right. I forget that I created a tag that (for once) could function for many posts. WHAT. This is awful. I have dug myself into a deep pit of self-referential entirely useless tags. And now I’m writing a painfully meta blog post. Forget MS, this is like the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. #justkiddingthatwastheMS

And there’s a hashtag. Look at what my life has become. I need my mommy.

"MS needs a spokesmodel"

…. said my mother, today, after a particularly depressing meeting with a nurse. The nurse herself has MS, and I won’t be mean but let’s just say if you’re teaching other people about their health, maybe you should try to be healthy? 

But really, MS does need a spokesmodel. We can be the next breast cancer. (haha health humor, fun times). I think it needs to be shown that we’re not all old. For instance, the only MS meeting in my town is being held in a nursing home. What?? There have gotta be some other teens and younger adults out there looking for some support. 

Related: my parents and friends seem very surprised about my willingness to discuss my MS with people (often strangers…). But really, I’m not going to get the word out if I don’t make it personal. Nobody’s going to care about a cause until you put a face on it. And yeah it helps if that face is Christina Applegate, but really anyone young and vital would work, probably because it makes it seem more tragic.. Lucky me.