A Toast!

to new medication

to large guitars, formerly known as cellos

to cell phone pitch pipes

to fake thanksgiving dinners

to ex-roommates

to good sex ed teachers

to green tea

to toast, buttered please

Behind the Iron Curtain by the Numbers

30 Hanukkah Candles

1 flashlight

3 Packs of Trail Mix

1 Box of Poptarts

1 Can Waterless Shampoo (as yet unopened) 

2 pairs of Gloves 

3 Knitting Projects

1 Self-filtering water bottle

2 Lighters

40 pairs hand-warmers

12 Great Friends AKA my a cappella group

1,000,000 fantastic Blackout quotes

1 Dream involving percentages

Roughly 30 hours spent in Sci Li

4 full days without power thus far

4 more days possibly

2 dorms evacuated

1 library open for 24-hour shelter

1 adventure, continuing on