I am ecstatic. Yesterday I was thinking about how I want this blog to be very honest, and how if my MRI results came back and were bad, I would have to be honest about how I felt. I would have to say that it is hard.


I don’t have to. No new lesions! None! The injections and the welts and the ice packs and the needles and the biohazard containers (“personal-sized,” as my friend Kacie said) have been worth it. I have four lesions, the same number I had in February.

Four lesions that my doctor can point to one by one and say “oh, this lesion is causing this problem,” but no new lesions, no new problems.

Just the same old, same old, which may not sound so exciting, but it is. It is fantastic, I am ecstatic.

…So we wrote a song!

Post injection today, my mother and I were perusing some catalogs sent over by the MS foundation… and wow what a downer. All sorts of products for people that seem to make their lives more miserable! Well, okay, probably not really, but geez they look depressing.

So we were thinking we’d order some of these products and make a video of us ridiculing them whilst singing a broadway-esque song en masse with my whole family. Not really, too much time and effort and hurting peoples’ feelings, but we did start doing the song….

I’ve got a biiiiiig lesion

It’s messing wiiiiith my vision

It’s causing meeeee confusion

Am I winning or losing? 

More to come I’m sure. And possibly a video if we’re ever really bored.