GUYZ. Click this. I’m so (prematurely) excited. Injections suck.

Although, I’m a little freaked out by the thought of Copaxone side effects happening at a certain time every night and me not having any control over it…. other than that, this is awesome. 🙂

Shared Solutions Would Like to Discourage All Patients From….

….having any fun. 

Just kidding, ish. I got a brochure in the mail from them a while ago with their suggestions for summer. These include:

1. spend time in air conditioned places such as malls and movie theaters

2. wear their silly neck wrap thingy

3. take cold showers

4. drink a lot of water

5. do not move, exercise, or breathe too heavily

maybe that last one wasn’t real, but you get the point. If only I still had the brochure to share the full ridiculousness! Whatever, here’s my list of what I’ve been doing instead

1. I went to Charlotte, to check out my dad’s 10th anniversary gala for the MFA program he runs (pretty cool) 

2. I went to the Writing Through Trauma writing workshop at Hollins University run by Dan Mueller (shoutout to Trauma Group!) 

3. I hung around the house a lot

4. I went to the gym not as much as I hung around the house… but still enough

5. Went lots of other places: Providence, New Hampshire, New York City, Afton VA, the OBX, and Seattle (still a cult). 

6. Okay I did follow ONE of the summer guidelines: I saw a lot of movies. Bridesmaids was GREAT, Captain America was hilariously bad, Friends with Benefits and Horrible Bosses were just hilarious, X-Men First Class was quite good, and Green Lantern was… okay cut them some slack 😦 poor Ryan Reynolds. And the air conditioning was FANTASTIC

7. I started the no-carb diet! Day 4 today, and I miss cake…. but holding strong

8. I started a society6 account in a misguided attempt to make easy money! 

What’s up next? 

Spending some time in Gettysburg with my boyfriend next week, maybe heading down to DC for a day or two while he’s here. Then heading up to Rhode Island for a week with my family to chill 🙂 Then four or five days at home before back to college. Yay! It’s been a great summer, no thanks to mean old Shared Solutions. 

…So we wrote a song!

Post injection today, my mother and I were perusing some catalogs sent over by the MS foundation… and wow what a downer. All sorts of products for people that seem to make their lives more miserable! Well, okay, probably not really, but geez they look depressing.

So we were thinking we’d order some of these products and make a video of us ridiculing them whilst singing a broadway-esque song en masse with my whole family. Not really, too much time and effort and hurting peoples’ feelings, but we did start doing the song….

I’ve got a biiiiiig lesion

It’s messing wiiiiith my vision

It’s causing meeeee confusion

Am I winning or losing? 

More to come I’m sure. And possibly a video if we’re ever really bored. 

How to Find an Injection Site (realistic guide)

1. Check your chart: which area will it be today? How exciting, always a surprise here

2. Once you’ve found your area, start poking

3. Poke… poke… poke…

4. If it hurts to poke, or if there’s a bruise from last week, ignore that site

5. Poke.. poke… poke… everywhere hurts… poke…

6. At last! A place that doesn’t hurt to poke! 

7. Oh, but there’s not much fat there…

8. Whatever, set your needle to 4 instead of 6

9. It’s kind of on the edge of the acceptable area… whatever…

10. Inject! Yay!

11. Why is my whole arm burning…? 

Lists are So Easy :)

Since I’ve been failing lately at blogging, I thought I’d get back into it by doing something I’m VERY GOOD at: making lists. Today’s list:

Thing to Do instead of Considering the Fact that You (yes, YOU) Have a Lifelong Disease (Fun Times)

1. Eat cotton candy ice cream (for ye wes students, there’s cotton candy ice cream at usdan today!) 

2. Clean your room (ha.) 

3. Ponder the meaning of life

4. Study

5. Paint your nails 

6. Hug your roommate 🙂 

7. Read the paper

8. Okay, fine, just read the Sunday Styles section of the NYT online

9. Think about why the goddamn NYT is no longer free online 

10. Sing!

11. Make to-do lists

12. Read all interesting CNN articles plus some random fashion blogs

13. Avoid your schoolwork a little more, why don’t you…

14. Call your mom

15. Check your mailbox

16. Think of something evil to do to your little brothers (watch out, hehehe) 

17. Make a new playlist 

18. Make your own waffles at brunch

19. Write some sketch comedy 

20. And realize you need to do your copaxone injection soon, rendering the above list slightly useless…. oh well