Guess I missed a couple things…

In spite of trying to be a good blogger and keep whoever happens to read my blog informed about my life, I’ve missed out on some of the most important things! So, once again, a list

1. My college does this great thing called In the Company of Others (ITCOO) during freshmen orientation. It’s a thing where several (this year it was 9) older students volunteer to write and deliver (terminology?) a monologue about some experience they’ve had at college (or before if it’s relevant) that shaped them into who they are today. This past orientation (about a month and a half ago) I participated along with 8 fantastic people and told my whole fun diagnosis story. Kind of a downer, but also a good thing to do I think? Then felt super embarrassed about skipping the ITCOO that happened during my freshmen orientation last year…. 

2. I joined WSDR (Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights) this year, thanks to 2 fellow ITCOO-ers who are the founders of WSDR. Very cool and active student group here, even though it’s intense to identify as disabled for me… 

3. I’m getting interviewed! By Christin Rice, , who writes a great blog (click the link!) about change. She’s cool, that’s cool, very exciting 🙂 

4. I got some MS t-shirts! Less exciting, but whatever. One says “Multiple Sclerosis Ninja” (I got it because it’s so enigmatic… by enigmatic I mean I think somebody figured out you can put any words on a shirt with “ninja” and it will sell) and the other says “I’m not drunk, I have MS.” Clearly I plan to only wear it while inebriated. Ha! However, have not had courage to wear them outside of my house… 

5. I’m writing this blog post as a break from an all-nighter that I am currently pulling for a Developmental Biology midterm…. wish me luck guys… 

6. On a related note, RedBull is a hideous (but suddenly necessary) beverage. 

7. Finally, if you happen to be around Wesleyan on Halloweekend, come check out VOCAL DEBAUCHERY’s Halloween show on the 29th at 5PM (probably in the Nics Lounge). We’re hilarious and fantastic and a good way to use up your Saturday 🙂 

Weekend Update…

…with someone less funny than Seth Meyers (me) and not on the weekend (it’s Wednesday). 

First I would like to shamelessly promote my mom’s new blog, you can see how cool my mom is at ! You have to assume she’s fantastic if even her 19 year old daughter says she’s cool. 

Second order of business: I got inspired by my mom (this blog post should really just be called MY MOM IS SO COOL ZOMG) and her super blogging ways to start blogging more! So hey everybody, prepare to get really tired of me. 

And thirdly: to any readers out there who know anyone under 28 with MS, please tell them to contact me! I’m trying to gather together young adults with MS to start some sort of national organization. 

Happy studying to my fellow stressed out college kids

So I guess I’m Really Doing This Science Thing…..

… All of my classes are science classes! Not a humanities course in sight. Quite the turnaround for me, but I’m liking it. Clearly blogging to procrastinate some more on the textbook reading I should be doing, but I do like it. 

Back at college for year two, hoping this year will have less surprises! My plan for my developmental biology course is to do my research paper on stem cell research focusing on regeneration of myelin (if you’ve been paying attention, you know that means MS-related) so as to make it more relevant to my life. 

Ramble, ramble, not enough sleep, goodnight!

Rhode Island Is…

….cold, and I love it! Hello sweaters, blankets, and drizzle. My damaged nerves are so happy! Too bad it’s only a day of bad weather, in a couple days it will be sunshiney again. But that’s okay because Rhode Island is also:

1. beautiful

2. blue and white and green

3. full of seafood

4. full of mansions to gawk at

5. a good place to play apples to apples with my family 🙂 

Shared Solutions Would Like to Discourage All Patients From….

….having any fun. 

Just kidding, ish. I got a brochure in the mail from them a while ago with their suggestions for summer. These include:

1. spend time in air conditioned places such as malls and movie theaters

2. wear their silly neck wrap thingy

3. take cold showers

4. drink a lot of water

5. do not move, exercise, or breathe too heavily

maybe that last one wasn’t real, but you get the point. If only I still had the brochure to share the full ridiculousness! Whatever, here’s my list of what I’ve been doing instead

1. I went to Charlotte, to check out my dad’s 10th anniversary gala for the MFA program he runs (pretty cool) 

2. I went to the Writing Through Trauma writing workshop at Hollins University run by Dan Mueller (shoutout to Trauma Group!) 

3. I hung around the house a lot

4. I went to the gym not as much as I hung around the house… but still enough

5. Went lots of other places: Providence, New Hampshire, New York City, Afton VA, the OBX, and Seattle (still a cult). 

6. Okay I did follow ONE of the summer guidelines: I saw a lot of movies. Bridesmaids was GREAT, Captain America was hilariously bad, Friends with Benefits and Horrible Bosses were just hilarious, X-Men First Class was quite good, and Green Lantern was… okay cut them some slack 😦 poor Ryan Reynolds. And the air conditioning was FANTASTIC

7. I started the no-carb diet! Day 4 today, and I miss cake…. but holding strong

8. I started a society6 account in a misguided attempt to make easy money! 

What’s up next? 

Spending some time in Gettysburg with my boyfriend next week, maybe heading down to DC for a day or two while he’s here. Then heading up to Rhode Island for a week with my family to chill 🙂 Then four or five days at home before back to college. Yay! It’s been a great summer, no thanks to mean old Shared Solutions.