This is a blog post NOT about MS

How refreshing, right? I’m feeling like this blog is really depressing, so I’d like to add in some humor. In case you guys didn’t know, I’m in an a cappella/sketch comedy group (shoutout to VD) so supposedly I can sometimes be funny. 

THUSLY, i’m going to write a list. This list is entitled: Things I should Have Said To My ex-Best Friend 

1. Your blog is really stupid. 

2. Yup, they’re cankles. 

3. It’s fun to say LOL

4. But really, you’re the negative one

5. PennState and UPenn are really not the same thing.

6. You’re not a New Yorker after 6 months

7. You’re not a blonde if you have to dye it

8. You’re not an artist if you’re not creative

9. Online dating at 18 is pathetic

10. You don’t believe in evolution? Really???