Live-blogging a dissection

Ew, why is there a guest prof discussing drosophila? 

Wait, why is our classroom suddenly full of drosophila? 

Why am I holding a container of drosophila larvae? 

Here, dude in front of me, why don’t you hold this larvae.

Ah, a slideshow, cool beans


Zoning out…. yay thanksgiving break starts in like 4 hours for me! 

I wonder what clothes I should pack….



LARVAE on the front screen

I mean, that’s kinda cool that you can hook up a microscope to a projector I guess.

You’re going to what? 

Please don’t do that? 

Yup, she just cut up a larva. 

Turning the dead drosophila larva inside out onto a forcep is bad enough but could you please not describe it as “like pulling on a sock” ?

This is disturbing. 

“I’ll just move that trachea aside” 

“What makes them sticky? I don’t know what on a molecular level makes them sticky…” 

Aren’t we all excited for thanksgiving dinner now? Right? 

Sometimes being pre-med is really kinda gross. 

So I guess I’m Really Doing This Science Thing…..

… All of my classes are science classes! Not a humanities course in sight. Quite the turnaround for me, but I’m liking it. Clearly blogging to procrastinate some more on the textbook reading I should be doing, but I do like it. 

Back at college for year two, hoping this year will have less surprises! My plan for my developmental biology course is to do my research paper on stem cell research focusing on regeneration of myelin (if you’ve been paying attention, you know that means MS-related) so as to make it more relevant to my life. 

Ramble, ramble, not enough sleep, goodnight!