Correction: bff-sky edition

The bff-sky would like me to note that not every boyfriend has been terrible, and that he, in fact, was wonderful to date. Which he was. He’s also great as a best friend and I tend to be extra glad he’s in my life. Btw, we totally used to date. That was a thing. Is this an okay correction?


(Come at me, bro)

Probably not. I told ya it would be embarrassing, Michael.

You’re fantastic

I’ve been kind of panicking for the last couple days about how to do this thing.

Since I started doing birthday blog posts for some important people (though not all the important people!) in my life, I’ve known this post was coming up.

Okay. It’s barely my best friend’s birthday at this point. Gotta actually do this now.

I’m so glad you’re in my life, bff-sky (“you know when you write that, people might think you mean your BFF Sky, like my name is Sky or something?”) (his name is Michael, and bff-sky’s pronounced like it rhymes with Litvitskiy, for the record).

From sophomore year ITCOO: “So my best friend, who I’m eternally thankful for, does a lot of my injections.”

That doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing you’ve been.

Today in my nonfiction workshop, we were workshopping a piece of mine, and people got confused about a line about you doing an IV in your dorm room frosh year. There were a lot of comments like “do you mean a nurse? you don’t mean your friend…” but I do, in fact, mean my friend. Because you figured out how to do IVs in dorm rooms for me and you got me through that whole year of craziness (and then all the more everyday craziness that followed).

You are the best person, you are my favorite, ruv you bff-sky. Happy birthday. You’re 21! That’s fucking crazy.

Ben is Nine!

Some of you may be aware that I have a tiny brother who looks a lot like me (and my other brother, the lovely Jacob)


These are all of our soccer pictures from around age 8, from left to right it’s: Jacob, Ben, me. Based on this picture, I can say that there’s a strong likelihood that I did not know left from right at that age. That’s kind of unfortunate.

Also, wow can you tell that Jacob and I are wimpy 90s kids who would have preferred to be reading a book or something, while Ben is the star athlete (and kid of the 21st century) of the family.

Watching Ben grow up has been crazy, mainly because at some point he stopped just being cute and started also having opinions, which he voices loudly and constantly. He’s also still cute.

We had three kinds of cakes for his birthday: a mint oreo ice cream cake from DQ (the decorative mint frosting had the taste and consistency of toothpaste), a spice cake that Jacob made (this is mysterious), and an assortment of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that Mom made, left over from the cupcakes that Ben brought to school today. It’s crazy that he’s in fourth grade. I remember having thoughts and feelings in fourth grade.

Anyway, happy birthday little Bean, may you continue to be much tougher, stronger, and faster than the rest of us. I love you!

Decade the Third

I’m 20! Gotta figure out how to change that tagline (“teen with MS” no more! but yeah, I still have MS).

I love my family and have nothing inaccurate to say about them.




My pictures from the Gettysburg reenactment 2012, taken during a brief foray into what was possibly the “Confederate camp.” My favorites are probably the ones that juxtapose new technology with Republicans  reenactors in period costume (check out the lady who’s texting).

PS the Confederate flags and the Republicans displaying them (the bumper stickers on their cars include “Obamascare” and “Nobama”) make me fairly uncomfortable. Aren’t we above the Mason-Dixon line, guys?

10 years later

Recently (a week ago) we [verbed] the ten year anniversary of my aunt’s death. Observed? Celebrated? Avoided? Felt? Got bludgeoned over the head by…? Verbed. Definitely verbed. I don’t really have any idea what ten years typically feels like because I’m only almost twenty, but it felt long and short at the same time.

The problem with things you deal with as a kid is that you don’t remember dealing with them. So you don’t remember what you should feel or think.

These are some old pictures of Aunt Kathryn I thought I’d share. This is when my family (pre-brother era) visited Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Tim in London and we went to Paris together. The last picture is of the lilies we got for her anniversary, they’re still going strong.

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Stop. Hammer Time.

Ignore the fact that I’m awake at 5:34AM. Ignore that. You guys. I need to be happy openly on my blog. Which is something that I hate other people doing. So just to warn you: this post is going to be me being happy about my own life on my blog. You can turn back now. You can go look at cool stuff on the internet. Yes those were all different links. Anyway.

Remember that time when I was like “oh hey I’ll make some New Year’s Resolutions that will never happen” and it was kind of silly?

I have actually completed some of them! Aaah! What? This is crazy (as in “Hey, I just met you, and…”).

Completed resolutions:

#2: Get an A+. As of the last time I refreshed my grades page (around 5:20) I have an A+. Isn’t that weird? It’s really weird. I think it’s really weird. I’m really pleased.

#5: Write something I’m happy with. Well. I wrote something and it won a prize. And I don’t know how happy I am with it, but other people are happy with it. And since I am really hard to please, that might have to count.

#7: Do more crazy things. Um. TDF. ‘Nuff said.

#8: Run for an ADP office. Hey! I did that! And won! Next semester I am Junior Treasurer at ADP 🙂  Coolest of beans, as Elizabeth would say.

So, I realize that’s only 4/10. But 4/10 is kind of more than I expected to complete when I wrote the list. Hopefully the other 6 will happen before 2013 (if we don’t all die because of the Mayan calendar or something #didntseethemovie)! Exciting.

I would like to close with a gallery entitled “Pictures from my phone that explain my life”