Musings of a Wannabe Bio Major

This whole vitamin D conundrum has sent me off on a series of mental tangents which I’m about 99.99% sure are all incorrect. 

But okay, logically….

1. Lots of people with MS have very low levels of vitamin D

2. But obviously people with MS aren’t just avoiding sunshine/vitamin D-heavy foods a lot more than other people…

(case in point: I drink at least 2 glasses of vitamin D fortified milk per day) 

3. People with MS aren’t affected by vitamin D-heavy food or sunshine (this is not as factual as I want it to be, it’s more a hypothesis) 

4. But they are affected by very high doses of pill-form vitamin D….

…. so thus… would it be possible to give all 16 year olds a blood test for vitamin D levels, and then those who aren’t absorbing vitamin D correctly could be put on pill form vitamin D…

and then, this is where the hypothesizing really gets crazy, bear with me

since vitamin D has been proven to reduce relapses (and possibly prevent them) in people who already have MS/have had relapses, could taking vitamin D before the relapses start actually PREVENT the disease from ever really starting up?

but OK this seems really unlikely because if I can think of it, so can really smart actual biology people (the ones who aren’t failing their science courses… sigh) and they’ve probably already disproved it…

maybe I’m just desperate. Thoughts, anyone? 

Vitamin D: Miracle Cure?

Fact: The average multivitamin gives you 400 units of Vitamin D per day 

And as of Friday, I’m taking 7,000 units per day. That is NOT a typo. 

here’s why:

This all seems very strange to me. I think that people tend to view vitamins as something necessary that will give them a small benefit, but not as a possible treatment or cure for a very serious disease. Maybe I’m wrong, but vitamins have just never seemed that heavy-duty to me… possibly because I take gummy vitamins… 

Moving on from the fact that I’m mentally about 5 years old, hopefully this vitamin D thing helps! Relapses suck, to say the least. 

I really like LISTS

So one of my obsessions is lists, I love love love to make lists! Today’s list is: a list of euphemisms for MS relapses. Let me know if there are any I didn’t include.

1. Relapse

2. Inflammation

3. Exacerbation (this seems overly complicated) 

4. Bout

5. Attack suggested “fall from grace” which is pretty accurate too but I haven’t heard it used… obviously. Doctors don’t seem to be into sounding that poetic. 

That was a shorter list than I wanted it to be, so feel free to add!


Anybody out there with MS who has used Solu-Medrol after a relapse (or whatever other euphemism you want to use) before, do you get a new PICC line for every course of the steroid or a separate IV each day?

Also known as, wow I hate my PICC line… can’t wait to get rid of it in 2 days! 

New Blog!


I’m Cade, I’m 18 and a college student in New England, and I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

There are a lot of blogs out there about MS, but none that I’ve seen written by teens or for teens. So even though I don’t know a lot about my own disease yet (oy vey), I thought I’d give it a shot. I especially wanted to launch it now, even though I might not be well-prepared enough, because it’s the tail end of MS Awareness Week. 

I hope to have it set up so guests can post, and I want to know about other teens experiences with the disease, or adults who had it as teens. Feel free to post thoughts, questions, or whatever. There aren’t many people with MS (400,000 in the US) so I don’t really know how much response this will get but I thought I’d try… If you read this, please pass it on to anyone you know who has MS.

Thanks for reading, xox