This is a Vanity Nostalgia Blog Post

and it’s for a very specific group of humans that I lived with in college. Some backstory: once upon a time in college, I got paid to blog for Wesleyan’s Office of Admissions (it is possible that if you’ve read my more recent writing, this seems like a strange idea. Um, yeah). Today, Facebook’s On This Day feature (one of my favorite things, tbh) reminded us that three (!) years ago today, I wrote a blog post for that job about my program house (International House) which is where I lived… 2011-2013. However, the Admissions blog has since been shut down, and it makes me sad that this silly list of things I loved about my house no longer exists. So I’m just gonna re-post that, unedited¬†(please understand that this hurts my very soul) and in its entirety. Oh gosh! I know! Vanity and nostalgia and really bad writing all in one place! I have literally zero plans to do this with any of my other Office of Admissions-commissioned writing, because wow. But hey I-House, you still have my heart, and thanks for putting up with me for two years. Our kitchen was indeed the shit.¬†I’ll pass things off to 2013-me, now.

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