MS in the News is Confusing!

Hello there, dear readers, it’s time for yet another episode of What On Earth Is The Media Talking About!

(previous episodes include: Ann Romney being confusing, Fox News being confusing)

So this was on the CNN front page. For those of you who don’t like to click links, “this” is a story about the first ever NBA player with MS. Which is cool! Yay, we can play sports too! (though, dude, how are you dealing with the heat? Isn’t it hot on basketball courts? There seems to be a lot of sweating)

Things that bother me though:

“Just as important as what he can do for the Mavericks is how inspirational a tale he provides.”

OH, crap, I totally forgot that the point of people with disabilities is to be inspiring to other people! If you’re disabled and just living a regular life, you’re not as inspiring as you should be (though you’re still inspiring!) but if you’re disabled and doing something special or that requires some sort of rare skill, you are an inspiration to us all! You keep going, you. No, actually, this is stupid and condescending and shouldn’t be how we talk about people with disabilities. I think the dude just wants to play basketball. That’s what he was doing before his diagnosis, and it’s what he’s doing after. Also, the team probably wants him to be good at basketball. It’s probably not as important to them whether he’s inspiring.

“It’s nothing short of heartwarming to see a player battle his way back from not just a supposedly career-ending injury, but an unprecedented one. No other NBA player has acknowledged having MS before, rendering Wright an innovator.”

MS is not an injury! MS is an autoimmune disease that causes neurodegeneration! I mean, sure, it injures your brain, but I really would not ever refer to it as an injury. He also can’t really battle anything. There’s not a cure. There is no battle. We’re not fighting the good fight out here. Also, I’m pretty sure the “acknowledged” is just to cover bases in case some other NBA player is like “Guys, I had it this whole time!” but it’s some really confusing language.

“There is no cure for MS, and while Wright also said the risk of him suffering another episode is minimal, it’s still very much alive.”

This could be Wright’s own mistake, but relapses can happen to anyone, at any time. No cure, remember? Article, even you just told us there’s no cure! He could totally have another relapse!  He might just be trying to cover his own ass so he can keep playing basketball and not be seen as a risk, but it’s an easily fact-checkable thing.


But whatever, good luck with the whole basketball thing, and happy MS Awareness week, everyone! Awareness is a neutral term that means nothing, but I’m glad that people are aware of MS. (sarcasm) (so much sarcasm)



(current status: Zonked out on Zomig, alliterating freely!)

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