A More Science-y Look at What’s Causing MS

You know when I promise that I’ll post a certain thing on here and then blatantly disregard myself? I’m going to stop doing that. So, as promised a while ago, here’s a thing I wrote for a neuro class last semester that investigates the link between MS and mono! It’s terrifying! Actually! Don’t get mono! It’s accessible to non-science people and all the terminology is explained so don’t worry about that. I’m gonna stick a page break in so you’ll have to click through, so go for it. Enjoy. And by enjoy what I mean is become scared of mono. And frustrated by the CDC. 


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Fox News Is Sooooo Cute

Hi Fox News. Awww. Honey. You’re adorable. Did you…? Did you think you knew what science was…? Oh. Sweetie. Here, come here, let me just explain a few things. 

[side note: this is also how I sometimes talk to my boyfriend because a) he’s a freshman and b) I’m awful. Speaking of boyfriend, he sent me the “news article” I’m about to rant about because he’s wonderful] 

“News Article” link

Isn’t that cute? Republicans and science: a match made in never. Never ever. I kind of can’t get over how bad this is. 

Right off the bat, I was super skeptical of this article because “Though still rare, pediatric MS is more common now than it was 30 years ago.” This is not really science, Fox News, because MS diagnostic tools have improved ridiculously over the past 30 years. This means that there is no way to prove that the rate has increased, since we don’t know who actually had it 30 years ago. Doctors also weren’t told to consider MS as a possibility for children and teenagers. So this is not science mainly in that it absolutely cannot be accurate. 


Moving on from there, this study completely disregards all previously known causes of MS (Epstein-Barr virus that turns into highly symptomatic Infectious Mononucleosis, 115 different genes, vitamin D deficiency) and just looks at a barely there link to childhood obesity. I kind of doubt that the link is statistically significant and I’m not a biology major anymore (by the way!), so I don’t feel like analyzing that. But like. It’s cute how this article ignores everything we know about MS and pretends that obesity is the answer. Without mentioning anything else. Like. Who are you, Fox News? 

The article also ends with “Even though pediatric MS remains rare—1.7 in 100,000 kids—parents of obese teenagers should pay attention to symptoms such as tingling and numbness, limb weakness and loss of bladder control,” which I’m just going to classify as straight-up fear mongering and be done with it. When your fat kid pees itself please make it worse and tell it that it’s probably degenerating. 

That was the meanest sentence I’ve ever posted on here and I know it and I’m the worst and someday over the rainbow I will write a blog post that doesn’t center around me being condescending to a website when I can’t even maintain my own blog all of a sudden? 

More blogging to come is what I mean. Good to be back. Hope you’re having a Sexy February. Here’s some blue ice cream (!!!) to get you started.