Oh, It’s Been A While

Hey there, blog. Hey there, Spinal Tapped. Hey there, project that I was going to not ever abandon because I thought it was really important etc etc. It’s been a while! Like, almost a month.

Explanation for that:

  • school. Mainly school, really. Finishing up the semester.
  • MS. Sclerotic neurotic times.
  • Boys. Possibly more on that to come. (yeah, I sneakily date boys and have feelings and that causes me to go off the radar sometimes. Whatever.)

But now I’m back! And on winter break! And being really productive! Which is great since I have an entire internship-ish thing (I’m sure that’s the wrong term and my dad will correct me) at Unboxed Books to do.

I have a thing I wanna talk about. It’s my New Years Resolutions from last year! Here they are, plus status updates on their completion:

1. Get a second tattoo (I’m thinking “live debaucherously”) (why does it say debaucherously is not a word??) (….) 

= will be completed on Wednesday. Tattoo will be revealed after I get it. It’s gonna be really cool. It’s not “live debaucherously” though because I’m saving that one for later.

2. Get an A+. Except I really don’t want to make this a resolution because I’m scared that I’ll try reaaaalllly hard and still not get my A+ and then I’ll be sad. This is a half resolution.

= this happened! Twice! Two of them! Cool.

3. Respond to emails. Haha. But actually.

= this has been mainly happening.

4. Read those books I said I’d read in 2010.

= unfortunately (or fortunately), I stopped caring about this one and have thus not done it.

5. Write something that I’m actually happy with.

= happened! At least twice! Thanks, Professor Chase 🙂

6. Go back home. I’m going to do a tour of former homes I think, hopefully including: Provincetown (MA), Barcelona (Spain), Charlotte (NC), and maybe even San Francisco (CA).

= have been back to Ptown and Charlotte recently-ish, Barcelona will happen this coming summer I think.

7. Do more crazy things. I think I was pretty crazy in high school (hello stumbling home barefoot at 3AM…) and I think I’ve kind of lost my sense of adventure in college, which completely sucks. More adventure please!

= crazy things have happened! (see: boys)

8. Run for an ADP office. Not sure which one!

= greetings from the Senior Treasurer of the Middletown Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society. (Me.)

9. Do ITCOO again!

= I did. It was wonderful.

10. Memorize The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Wait! If you haven’t read this poem, immediately stop reading my blog and click HERE. Come back after. Anyway, this is my all-time favorite poem and it would be nice to be able to just know it. All of it. But it’s so long. But I can do it. Gahhh…

= in my defense, my brain is literally dissolving…

So that’s my current status on those. Doing pretty well I think? Also some other cool things that have happened this year that I’d like to be glad happened in a list-y way: (in no particular order and probably leaving out ten million things that I will think of later)

  1. worked in a lab for the first time! Learned a ton, spent a creepy amount of time with rats, etc etc
  2. watched both of my brothers grow up way more in the past year than ever before. Dear brothers, I’m so glad you exist. I think I’ve said this before? I love you incredibly. You’ve dealt with some crazy things this year but you both got through it. I love hanging out with you both. It’s weird at home without Jacob (he’s coming home tomorrow!)!
  3. wrote a thing with my parents that got published online. That was cool. So much teamwork.
  4. decided what I want to do with my life. Which is be a writer. For real. Do the whole MFA thing. Be my parents? Study trauma writing. It’s on.
  5. co-taught a student forum on trauma writing (in the same vein but so significant as its own thing). Best experience thus far. So happy it happened. Such great writing happened.
  6. met some really great people (this also coincides with item 5 but includes tons of other great people)
  7. speaking of which, started dating someone (very very recently) who is wonderful. No, seriously, I’m so happy. What’s happening? It’s weird, y’all. And great. He’s great. This is me breaking my Don’t Blog About Boys rule. Because he’s that great.
  8. wrote more than I ever have ever. Not on this blog. But in other life. This blog will come back to life starting now though.
  9. started doing stand-up comedy? What? Yeah. Surprises. It’s really cool.
  10. this is not an event per se, but I remain very happy that I have the friends and family that I have. I love you all so much.

I also did a lot of academic-y research relating to MS. I think I’ll put some of that up here soon. Some of it is terrifying, some gives me hope. A lot of it made me realize that we have way more questions than answers in this field. I’m nervous, ya know? Degeneration. Could be a thing.

But so

Things to come:

-some MS research-y things

-this year’s New Year’s resolutions!?

-me sticking to my Don’t Blog About Boys rule from now on, but just know that I’m super psyched in that arena of life

-maybe some writing? Like real writing that’s done well unlike this blog post? Forgive me, please, I’m a little rusty.

Peace out, homies. (I’m home) (homies is still a weird thing to say)



PS: This Taylor Swift video is incredible. Not kidding. 

PPS: current quote I can’t get over: “if the spirit is willing enough, all bodies are able.” -Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

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