Would you rather…

…have leukemia or MS? Probably MS, yeah? If, say, MS were at all transmittable, which there’s no proof of, I would probably still rather have MS than leukemia.

And yet, despite this logic, the folks over at marrow.org say that you can’t donate bone marrow if you have any of the above conditions. I think the autoimmune label is very problematic in that people associate it with AIDS and thus assume that autoimmune disorders are highly communicable. Which makes the fact that marrow.org has a separate section for HIV/AIDS patients and they’re not on the general autoimmune list. So, like, you mean it’s a totally different thing? How interesting.

Basically, I didn’t appreciate being looked at like I was some kind of medical terrorist when I asked about my eligibility. I’ve never exactly seen people lining up to donate bone marrow. I hear it’s pretty painful. Sorry for wanting to help? Sorry for having a disease that I’m pretty sure is a) not transmittable and b) sucks less than LEUKEMIA? Like, fairly certain we can all agree that leukemia is the worst. Nobody ever goes “oof, glad it’s just leukemia” or “leukemia! Well thank god it wasn’t ____.” Leukemia sucks. People would probably prefer psoriasis or vitiligo or even MS.  Also, “People with MS have a life expectancy that is not really any different from the general population. The leading causes of death in the MS community are heart disease, cancer, and stroke.” (Multiple Sclerosis Foundation) I don’t think people say that about cancer patients. Cancer kills MS patients more than MS kills cancer patients. Basically.

Speaking of things that are ridiculous on the Internet…

I’m sorry, excuse me, what? Societies with a strict moral code? MS is an STD? Somebody funded this study in 2002? Didn’t we kind of have at least some of our shit together in 2002, world? (also, sorry the image is cutting off, if you click it you can read the whole thing)

I mainly find it funny because it’s ridiculous, but it also sucks that people thought that. The Internet, man. Bro. Guy. Bro.

One Reply to “Would you rather…”

  1. I ways wanted to give blood, but never did for one reason or another. Now I can’t due to my RRMS. MS being enough to exclude you from eligibility was explained to me as being because they don’t know exactly what causes it yet, so better safe than sorry. Well, to some extent I still disagree (99% of the time situations needing blood/marrow are more deadly than MS, right?), but oh well.

    On a related note, I’m also in eligible for cheaper life insurance based on the idea that MS kills you. Uh, no.

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