Notes From The Great Beyond (Trauma Class)

Trauma class has been having some cool discussions about the nature of memoir/nonfiction.

Some questions on the table:

-does nonfiction exist? When we intentionally fictionalize (i.e., the details of a conversation) in order to convey truth, what genre are we in?

-if the emotions conveyed are real, do the facts need to be?

-if a biography is made less valid when the biographer has sex with the subject (cough, Petraeus), what does this mean for memoir? We obviously have an agenda when we write about ourselves.

-what exactly is the line between nonfiction and fiction?

-are likability and believability of the narrator related?

-are there topics that shouldn’t be written about? If so, what and why?

-if an author write fiction and then nonfiction on the same topic (fictionalizing it first for comfort’s sake, let’s say), are they plagiarizing from themselves? Is one of the works less valid?

Feel free to respond!

Just some things to think about, sad to be wrapping up the semester with a great group 😦 luckily we’re having some nice culmination activities to celebrate a great time (yay trauma!) together.

Love and trauma,


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