Vote! Vote! Voooote!

If you were at the Punchline! show a couple weeks ago, I want you to imagine Regen saying the title of this blog post in the same way that she said “Spooorts.” 

Moving on.

I just filled out my absentee ballot to vote in the gret stet of Pennsyltucky, and I recommend that you also vote, dear readers! You can still register to vote in CT if you’re here by heading down to town hall tomorrow! If you’re already registered to vote, make sure you do that!

I know there’s maybe supposed to be some secrecy in ballots (clearly, starting this sentence with “I know” was a bit disingenuous..), but just to let y’all know, I voted for Barack Obama for President and Joe Biden for VP. (and a straight Democratic ticket all around!)

Here is my very personal plea, my guilting time: If you read this blog, you probably know me. And maybe care about me. Let’s make these issues personal. If Barack Obama is elected again, my pre-existing condition is covered under the changes to health insurance that Obamacare enacted. If Mitt Romney is elected, he will almost certainly attempt to repeal Obamacare. What does this mean for me?

This means that I would have to pay about $60,000 a year for medications alone. That doesn’t include doctor’s visits or procedures like MRIs which I need at least once a year.

That’s crazy. We talk about how hard it is to pay tuition here, around $56,000 per year, for four years. I’m talking about the rest of my life. So if you love me and you don’t want me to end up homeless and extra-disabled, vote Obama. There, I said it. I did a really terrible thing and I’m incredibly sorry.  I know it’s easier not to think about how the issues affect real people. But it’s not just about me, there are 400,000 Americans in the same boat MS-wise, and countless Americans with pre-existing conditions who would be similarly affected. If you care about those of us with disabilities and diseases and if you want us to be productive members of society, the only choice is Barack Obama. End of story. Also the Romneys are crazy. 

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