You’re fantastic

I’ve been kind of panicking for the last couple days about how to do this thing.

Since I started doing birthday blog posts for some important people (though not all the important people!) in my life, I’ve known this post was coming up.

Okay. It’s barely my best friend’s birthday at this point. Gotta actually do this now.

I’m so glad you’re in my life, bff-sky (“you know when you write that, people might think you mean your BFF Sky, like my name is Sky or something?”) (his name is Michael, and bff-sky’s pronounced like it rhymes with Litvitskiy, for the record).

From sophomore year ITCOO: “So my best friend, who I’m eternally thankful for, does a lot of my injections.”

That doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing you’ve been.

Today in my nonfiction workshop, we were workshopping a piece of mine, and people got confused about a line about you doing an IV in your dorm room frosh year. There were a lot of comments like “do you mean a nurse? you don’t mean your friend…” but I do, in fact, mean my friend. Because you figured out how to do IVs in dorm rooms for me and you got me through that whole year of craziness (and then all the more everyday craziness that followed).

You are the best person, you are my favorite, ruv you bff-sky. Happy birthday. You’re 21! That’s fucking crazy.

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