That’s Awkward, eHarmony

The bff-sky, in his fantastic way, has provided me with more things to think about in the form of this quote from one of his anthropology readings this week:

“Perhaps to improve its marraiage numbers, eHarmony does not admit physically ill, thrice-married, or– until a 2009 policy change — gay clients. eHarmony also for a while offered a marital tune-up service to help its marriages last.”
A Hochschild 2012, The Outsourced Self: Intimate Life in Market Times

That’s ridic(ulous). Um. What? Also, how do they even determine that? Do you need to get a physical to join eHarmony? That seems difficult to pull off. Can’t people just lie about their health or how many times they’ve been married?

Outside of the practicality concerns, this is also discriminatory and icky and I hate them a lot. Sick people want love, too.

2 Replies to “That’s Awkward, eHarmony”

  1. Yuck. Sick people want love, and sick and non-sick people want to find love, which might well include with sick people. Everyone’s losing here.

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