My Brother is a Writer! (A Brothersome Blog Post)

I have a 16-year-old brother who apparently looks like he could be my twin.

Photo: My brother is the fuckin coolest and I miss him ugh

That’s him! In the Grotto when he was visiting Wes. Isn’t he adorable? Note the Childish tshirt. Note the glasses. Love this.

One cool thing about him is that he also writes. Is writing genetic? It’s a possibility. Today he gave me permission to “publish” (in a blog way) his poem which was also published (in an actual way) in his high school’s lit mag last semester. Here goes.

The Whole Killing Yourself Thing

by Jacob Leebron
Look son,
Don’t kill yourself, just don’t
It’s not cool, and it’s not hip
I thought it was,
And look where I ended up.
My friend killed himself,
Heck, even I did it.
And now my friend, well
He works at a gas station
For just pennies a day.
All because he killed himself
So don’t do it, Joey
It’s not cool.
Also, you kind of die
And that’s the worst part.
So, sorry I left your mom
Then pulled the trigger.
Alright champ?
Good talk.


I have so much love for this poem. Good job, brotherbear.

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