Ignore the medically-ness of the title, this is a blog post about regular old nerves, not my special damaged ones.

Tonight is the first meeting of the student forum I’m co-teaching (with the lovely Jenessa) at Wes and I’m feeling pretty antsy. It doesn’t help that it’s a night class and I’ve had nothing especially urgent to do all day. That’s a lot of time to try on a million different outfits and do my nails and chip my nails and redo them and then spend a while trying to decide if I should add glitter and walk to Rite Aid and get a lot of snacks that I don’t especially need and try to make my hair look nice and take a lot of pictures of myself on my phone to accompany the opinion piece I just wrote for the Argus and … yeah. Stress. Nerves. But I’m also very excited and glad to be working with the group of students that are in the forum. It’s going to be all kinds of awesome sauce-um.


Dad, I know you’re reading this and going “awesome sauce-um UGH yummy fun fun yay” and to that I say perhaps you should call me sometime and improve my vocabulary so I don’t say things like awesome sauce-um.

Love and nerves and more blogging to come soon,


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