Things That Are Exciting

1. Getting published at Inside Higher Ed with the parentals (this is my mom!) (and this is my dad!) (not sure which online bio to pick for my dad, just picked one at random). Very exciting! Welcome to the University 🙂

2. Being back at my very own welcoming university for ITCOO (In The Company of Others) 2012! It is fantastic to be back, and I think ITCOO is going to be great (all you froshies, get excited). My fellow performers are inspiring/hilarious/great people/owners of awesome eyebrows/well-traveled/wonderful.

3. Best thing I’ve seen so far during Orientation:

while walking to Downey House, I looked up and saw two freshman boys running on a path toward a building on Wyllys. They were holding their orientation packets and going “dude, we’re so late, come on!” “ahhh I hope our advisor isn’t mad!” They then got to the building, and began trying to open the door and looking through the windows. Then one of them said “whoa, I think this is like someone’s house…” and then they both ran away. Yes, it is someone’s house. It is Michael Roth’s* house.

4. Matthew Krakaur will be sleeping on my floor tonight.


*Michael Roth is the president of Wesleyan University.


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