Ben is Nine!

Some of you may be aware that I have a tiny brother who looks a lot like me (and my other brother, the lovely Jacob)


These are all of our soccer pictures from around age 8, from left to right it’s: Jacob, Ben, me. Based on this picture, I can say that there’s a strong likelihood that I did not know left from right at that age. That’s kind of unfortunate.

Also, wow can you tell that Jacob and I are wimpy 90s kids who would have preferred to be reading a book or something, while Ben is the star athlete (and kid of the 21st century) of the family.

Watching Ben grow up has been crazy, mainly because at some point he stopped just being cute and started also having opinions, which he voices loudly and constantly. He’s also still cute.

We had three kinds of cakes for his birthday: a mint oreo ice cream cake from DQ (the decorative mint frosting had the taste and consistency of toothpaste), a spice cake that Jacob made (this is mysterious), and an assortment of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that Mom made, left over from the cupcakes that Ben brought to school today. It’s crazy that he’s in fourth grade. I remember having thoughts and feelings in fourth grade.

Anyway, happy birthday little Bean, may you continue to be much tougher, stronger, and faster than the rest of us. I love you!

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