Briefly Taking A Break From Not Doing Learning Moments

“Summer has just flown” said a million people this summer. Not sure what it was about summer 2012 that seemed so fast but you know, when everyone agrees on something it might be true is a thing that people like to hear themselves say exists as a possibility. With no more platitudes (please), here’s a brief list of the things I claim to have learned this summer:

1. Rat decapitation is not my game.

2. In any episode of Law & Order SVU ever: find most famous guest star in episode. If that person is male, they did it. If that person is female, they know what happened. Or they’re about to be revealed as the worst mother character you ever heard of.

3. Related: a surprisingly large amount of semi-famous (and actually famous people) have appeared on Law & Order SVU. Zoe Saldana whattttt.

4. My baby brother (age almost 9) likes to wake up at 5AM and play computer games. Which I definitely did not learn while sneaking out of the house at 5AM. It’s not sneaking if you’re 20 anyway.

5. People who end up at my blog via google most often do so from google searches involving Ann Romney.

6. Mentioning Ann Romney in all my blog posts because of my google obsession does not make my regular readers that happy.

7. Similarly, just saying “Wes Mafia” as often as possible when discussing movies can occasionally make non-Wes-bubble folk less than happy.

8. Caring about making other people happy is not that productive.

9. My problems are “Elder Problems” (#elderproblems) because they include: organizing my knitting basket, not being able to pick a satisfactory name for my cat, not being able to drink/stay up late/go out in the heat without getting sick, and having a disease that for some reason people think is an “old person disease.”

10. Now that I am twenty, medical professionals ask me if I’m 14 instead of 12. Scoooore.

11. Our medical system is super fucked (there is no other term really, sorry Mom) and the war on women is super fucked-up (again, I know, that was twice in one blog post, I’m sorry) and Mitt Romney is a fuck-up (3!) and it’s fucking ridiculous (4…) that Mitt Romney gets away with stuff (pretending to be a cop) that Obama could not get away with. And THUS, we need to re-elect the fuck out of Obama (that one was a little unnecessary, it’s true) so that women can, ya know, have rights and everyone can have medical care and we won’t have to tell other countries that our President wears “magic underwear.” But seriously.

12. The best way to talk about trauma is honestly, because sometimes trying to be a likable narrator and trying to teach everyone Something Important does the exact opposite.

It’s 2:48AM and really, I have to stop writing incoherent late-night blog posts. But never fear, readers, the semester looms ahead (going back to campus in 8 days!!) and thus I will be writing my blog posts at normal hours in the library. As procrastination. Like a good girl. Goodnight! 

4 Replies to “Briefly Taking A Break From Not Doing Learning Moments”

  1. Before writing about mormonism, try to learn something actually true about it from someone who is a mormon or from a site written by a mormon or even a site that is just unbiased. It is a Christian religion just as any other christian religion is. So stop with the stupid “magical underwear” (which by the way is completely off and untrue) and research your hurtful and offensive comments before writing fake stuff. Sorry, it’s just really tiring reading stuff like this that I know other people are reading.

    1. I wish you weren’t Anonymous! I actually have taken a fair amount of time to research Mormonism, and in fact hosted my local Mormon missionaries at dinner this past spring. They were really nice and wonderful, but they did tell me that they didn’t know what evolution was, they just knew they weren’t supposed to believe in it. After my housemate and I (both biology majors) talked to them about the idea of the origin of species and explained how evolution is actually made up of a long series of speciation events, they said that in fact it did make sense to them. Perhaps everyone should be a bit more educated about the things that they are taught to disapprove of! And yes, I know that they are called garments, I do apologize for saying magic underwear.

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