Flip Flops are for the Beach, Romney

(I think the title is funny because I’m at the beach) (nobody has to agree with me) (it’s stupid)

Things that should bother people more about Romney:

*I’m all for religious freedom and all that, but he can’t actually be a non-practicing Mormon. He can’t be the JFK of Mormonism. When you’re a Mormon, you have to go full-out. Mormons have to put their religion first, which means that we could have a President who holds something in higher esteem than our country. (wow that sounded so patriotic, who am I??) Also, they say they don’t drink coffee or tea because they don’t want to pollute their body with toxins (caffeine) but they drink Coke. That’s just cray.

**Obviously this is the thing I care most about, though I get that it’s not a universal issue. But Ann Romney, you have not beat MS. MS is not beatable. Or are the rest of us just still suffering for fun?

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