Brain Week

is not for the weak.

but it is for the week! (I can’t, I just can’t…)

(for a quick getting-you-up-to-date type of thing about me/my rats/my internship/the lab, click here!)

(here’s a playlist to go with the post)

Brain Week is sort of like Shark Week and Bike Week in that:

  1. they all occur in the summer
  2. they all have “Week” in the title
  3. they all supposedly last a week (sidenote: @Bike Week, four days does not a week make)
  4. I would probably rather not participate in any of them

But Brain Week is different from the others in that: it is useful. Brain Week (a title that I have made up and am thus using like it’s a commonly said thing) is the week in the lab when we take some rats’ brains out. To like. Study them. And stuff. Brain Week is not just useful to the lab (since it gives my prof a bunch of brains to study), it is useful to me. In my current thinking (please don’t burst my bubble, this is the thinking that’s getting me through Brain Week), doing this week means I can get over my fear of blood/guts/surgery/etc once and for all and feel a little bit more prepared for med school.

Yeah, I know a human cadaver is very different from a dead rat (hint: the first one is bigger), but they’re both mammals. And this might be a bit harder, because hopefully I won’t know my cadavers in med school personally*, while I care pretty deeply about the ratties at this point. Yes I call them ratties. Let’s not talk about it.

I’m honestly a little terrified. Yesterday and today we made the necessary chemicals for the de-braining process, which was pretty cool, but tomorrow starts the actual killing of the rats. If you want to know how, I’m just going to assume you’ve seen Law & Order/CSI/Bones or something and say: desanguination. Gross. Sad. Terrifying. But. For science!

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to, I realized I hadn’t written a blog post in a while. Perhaps this is because it is summer in rural PA and:

MS + heat = no bueno

Math is so cool. Wait, that was math, right? It’s been a really long time since AP Calc.


*oh my god, if I know any of my cadavers personally I will freak out. Actually, if I get into med school I will freak out (but it will be a more positive freaking out)**

**the good thing is that if I don’t get into med school, Kraksy said he’d buy me two guinea pigs so that either way I am happy about my life

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