Google me, baby

So I’m constantly amused/surprised/bemused/horrified/creeped out/confused by my google results. WordPress lets you see the terms that people search to get to your blog and the view counts from each of those searches, which is really kind of crazy.

My list is ridiculous. It ranges from random to pornographic, with a bunch of common sense thrown in. This is kind of a throwaway post, and I’m gonna stick a cut in here because it’s really long and I don’t want it to take up my blogroll. Just thought you guys might want to take a look 🙂 Also, whoever is googling my friend Talia… why are you doing that? Stop it. We’re creeped out.

If you’re interested, click “Read more” and have fun. And keep googling random things to get to me. I love it.

mslifeisbestlife 26
jack osbourne 12
guinea pig tunnel 10
multiple photos of pandas 9
debaucherously 6
msblogcentral.blgospot 5
dessert cup 4
talia apkon 3
jack osbourne copaxone 3
witty thoughts on life 3
cinnamon the guinea pig 2
pitchers of pandas 2
jack osbourne dying 2
my many stupid faces 2
how did mitt romneys wife beat ms 2
semi long haired guinea pig 2
ms life is the best life 2
criminal pandas 2
mslifeisbest 2
a happy guinea pig 2
witty thoughts 2
flashcards guinea pig 2
tumblr nailpolish 2
ow did ann romney beat ms 2
mitt romney’s wife ms cured 2
sharon osbourne multiple sclerosis misinformed 2
wesmaps 2
ann romney beat ms 2
coolest panda ever 2
ginny pigs names 2
jack osborne and copaxone 2
stupid looking pigs 1
multiple pandas 1
wheelchair fuck 1
sartre mom son 1
how did romneys wife beat multiple sclerosis 1
“cuckoo chaos” 1
i need my leg back 1
ann romney ms medicines 1
panda in hipster glasses 1
singing guinea pig 1
coolest panda 1
vivir tattoo in italian 1
hi again 1
msblogcentral blogspot 1
“vocal debauchery” 2011 1
mormon magic underwear 1
design graphic 1
significados ohandi 1
ann romney ms medication 1
corn cob dissection 1
euphoria feeling 1
hate my picc 1
how to find an injection site wordpress 1
sad lumpy 1
ann romney beats ms ? 1
how did ann romney beat multiple sclerosis 1
hipster band-aid 1
ann romney bitch 1
does mitt romney’s wife have multiple sclerosis 1
panda twitter 1
hipster nail polish 1
did ann rommney have recent ms relapse 1 1
mitt romney wife claims she cured herself of ms 1
dsc00941.jpg 1
ann romney ms cured 1
how did anne romney beat ms? 1
boyfran 1
msblogentral blogspot 1
best existential blogs 1
“i want my leg back” 1
i want my leg back 1
popular existential blog 1
witty thoughts about life 1
i love my mom tumblr 1
ms pill soriasis germany 1
nation of procrasti 1
hipster clothing tumblr 1
how did mitt romney’s wife beat ms 1
jack osbourne ms copaxone 1
brothersomes brother 1
obamacare copaxone 1
sharon osbourne wont let my son die 1
keep s’myelin buy t shirt 1
jack osbourne people i won’t let him die 1
ann romney beats ms 1
obamacare facebook status update 1
people magazine ms osbourne copaxone 1
common misconceptions about multiple sclerosis 1
people magazine jack osbourne apology? 1
“i won’t let my son die” people magazine 1
mitt romney wife ms 1
osborn ms does not want to die 1
“went to paris” pictures blog 1
mitt romney divorce wives 1
mitt romney’s wife cured from ms 1
i won’t let my son die osborn 1
what to say to someone when you don’t feel like talking 1
sharon osborne i wont let my son die 1
sharon i wont let my son die 1
syringes in barcelona beach 1
weird cheetos flavors 1
existential blog 1
people magazine jack osbourne apology 1
shitty breakups 1
jack osbourne die 1
keep s’myelin bracelet 1
jack osbourne i wont let my son die 1
jack osbourne ms i will not die 1
multiple sclerosis chances of ending up in wheelchair 1
thoreauvians 1
my life with ms on copaxone 1
i love mom tags 1
panda obsession 1
agent pandas 1
why is jack osborne dying 1
i won’t let my son die jack osbourne 1
obborn im not going to let. y son die 1
ten year death anniversary for an uncle 1
injection site bracelet for ms 1
can i low jack my wheelchair 1
osbourne ms save life 1
sharon osbourne “won’t let my son die” 1
i won’t let my son die sharon osbourne 1
copaxone want 1
what ms therapy is jack osborne on 1
love my mom tumblr 1
cinnamon guinea pig

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