The Longest Status Update Ever

I can’t even think of a title right now. All the flustered. Things that have been happening:

  • I just got back from NYC where I (with my brother Jacob for all except Item 8) (with my Dad for the whole trip but only Item 9 on this list)
  1. Went to a diner
  2. Purchased a one-use camera (they still exist!!)
  3. Went to StubHub offices (referencing a VD sketch: StubHub is the shit!)
  4. Went to Crumbs
  5. Took a wonderful nap
  6. Went to a Childish Gambino concert (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  7. Overheard: “yeah, I like.. just saw this concert… Childish Gambino… he’s a rapper from New York” ….wow.
  8. Had a Brooklyn Breakfast Brouhaha with one of my favorite couples, Elizamon (aka Elizabeth and Solomon)
  9. GTFO-ed
  • And then stopped in Princeton where we…
  1. Had lunch
  2. Went to a yarn store 
  3. Wandered
  4. Were glad that I didn’t get in there (lol) because it’s way too fancy and preppy. My thoughts on Wesleyan compared to Princeton: “At Wesleyan you can’t tell who’s rich because everyone’s in a competition to see who can dress the most homeless” … aahhh hipsters
  • And then we drove home
  • And then I checked my email for a while because I had not had internet
  • And then I remembered how much I love bullet points and numbered lists
  • And then I wished I wrote a fashion blog so I could show you guys the dresses I got at Urban Outfitters sale last week in DC
  • And then I judged myself super harshly for the above thought 
  • So really, you don’t have to
  • And then I checked the results of my newest poll (in the sidebar) and saw that three people voted that they read this blog Because They Have MS. 
  • And then I was quite happy about that situation. Those three people: talk to me! Comment! Hi! I’m Cade! My blog posts are often better than this one. 

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