10 years later

Recently (a week ago) we [verbed] the ten year anniversary of my aunt’s death. Observed? Celebrated? Avoided? Felt? Got bludgeoned over the head by…? Verbed. Definitely verbed. I don’t really have any idea what ten years typically feels like because I’m only almost twenty, but it felt long and short at the same time.

The problem with things you deal with as a kid is that you don’t remember dealing with them. So you don’t remember what you should feel or think.

These are some old pictures of Aunt Kathryn I thought I’d share. This is when my family (pre-brother era) visited Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Tim in London and we went to Paris together. The last picture is of the lilies we got for her anniversary, they’re still going strong.

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2 Replies to “10 years later”

  1. Thanks for the note and pictures. Just can’t figure out who all the little people are. I am currently in France with Aunt Ping, Uncle Dcavid, Daniel and Merissa. Hope to visit Gettysburg when I return

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