What To Say When You Don’t Feel Like Talking

Good afternoon, internetfolk. I don’t really feel like talking about much today so I thought I’d introduce you to one of my favorite poets. His name is David Bardaji and he was in my graduating class in high school. He’s secretly a fantastic writer. I have two of his poems because I published them in my high school lit mag, and I thought I’d post one. Do yall like it? Want to see the other? Let me know!

Tell me what you want to hear
It is what I think but fear,
Allow me to question if it is what we’re meant to be
Do I want to reach that apple in the peach tree?
Do I want to come down from the sour cloud,
To open wounds while I count delicate hairs in your eyebrows
Do not hide them under the pores
Their presence will not disturb me, of this I’m sure
Do not put on a mask to sleep
So when we awake I’ll taste you sweet.
My apple, you impregnate your taste up high
Don’t refine your pulp for when the rain falls from the sky.
Twinkle, my love
Shine but do it above
Let me stare
But remain as a prayer
Do not let me make you fade
I touch you but the splendor becomes opaque.
Mermaid your voice sounds like a celestial chord
But I’ll tie myself to my boat, travel to the horizon, and pray to the lord
Please do not let me learn how to play your vocal chords
It will only shatter my glass thin soul and bring me back to black blinding horror

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