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Hey there interwebs! I’m heading home again. I say again because I was actually just home for 5 days and then I headed back up to Wesleyan again for Reunion&Commencement (“R&C”) and now am heading back-the-f dowwwn to Pennsylvania. Lots of hopping around the East Coast! (if the West Coast is the Best Coast then the East Coast is… the Least Coast? IDKIDK)

R&C was fun but also stressful! And a ton of work! ADP hosted a wonderful R&C weekend for our grads and alums which looked awesome for them but was a lot of cleaning and washing and carrying for us undergrads. And my MS of course decided to hit pretty hard with a couple days of vertigo and fatigue which made the cleaning/washing/carrying slightly impossible. But I’m glad I was there, and I got to say goodbye to ADP’s 33 (geez) graduating seniors, who I will miss mad much. Also all my other graduating friends (K-Fedz! Gahhh!). It’s a little overwhelming.

Anyway, it’s good to be heading down with the knowledge that I can just chill for at least the next two-ish weeks after which point I might head back to TMWW for another summer of Trauma Group but I’m not really sure yet…gahhhh…. My internship at Gburg college starts tomorrow though which is enough excitement for this week. This is very ramble-y.

I just finished two books– Sybil Exposed and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (yes I do like to read multiple books at once and no, geez, I am still not an English major), and started reading In Cold Blood. I’m also sorting through like a million other books looking for excerpts to use in the student forum my friend Jenessa and I are hopefully teaching next year, it’s called Writing Through Trauma. Hey self, welcome to the family business! If you have any suggestions of good trauma writing, please let me know! We’ll be exploring a bunch of different kinds of trauma so anything yall send me has a good chance of fitting in somewhere 🙂

Heading home has me thinking more about home as a thing. And writing really good sentences, clearly (jkjk). One of my good friends just left on a study abroad trip for six weeks which brought up the thought topics of study abroad (not much good to say about it) and living in other countries (an entirely different topic altogether) so I might do a Favorite-Household-Object-esque meditation on living abroad soon.

Getting close to home, I know because the train just tilted pretty dramatically to one side. Evidently in south central PA we have not yet evolved the ability to build train tracks that lie flat. It’s good to be close to home.

(note: this post sounds like it was written by a drug-addicted mouse because it was written by me whilst on a very shaky train and listening to Watch the Throne for maybe the millionth time)

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