Curiouser and Curiouser

MS on the internet confuses the heck out of me.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my Uncle Tim (who is British) directed me to which is a social network for people with MS. It’s based in England, which I think is why he was aware of it. It’s so cool that there’s a social network for MS! It’s actually a great idea for the MS community because there are only 2.5 mil of us worldwide (making MS 10 times less popular than TravelZoo) (don’t ask…) and so it’s kind of hard to find each other. Or when we do find each other there’s a lot of awkward “oh my god! you too?? this is SO EXCITING” which is probably not the right thing to say to someone upon finding out that they have a serious disease…. oops.

My problem with is that it’s secretly a little useless. The way it’s set up is that everyone’s posts and updates just filter into one gigantic worldwide newsfeed, and it becomes really hard to identify what’s relevant to you. Also you can’t really find people who might be in the same age group or location as you are, which is kind of my goal, right? Anyway. It’s still a great thing to have, even if it needs some work still!

Bff-est of bffs, MDeck, recently texted me asking what the whole Race to Erase MS thing is about. Honest answer: bro, ni puta idea (since I’m not supposed to curse….in English, anyway). Race to Erase MS is a kind of confusing event that seems to be open to only celebrities (oh hey, Clay Walker) and doesn’t raise as much money as it should. 1.8 mil this year guys? Kim Kardashian’s wedding cost 10 mil and lasted a heckuva lot less long than MS. By “less long” I mean “like 2 months or whatever” or “not a marriage.” But anyway.

My point is that celebrities, as happy as they are to pose and smile for MS, don’t seem to want to give up tha cash money to help us out. Which is cute, right? Awww, little charitable celebs! Spending their pocket change on us! #bitter

So those are today’s naive thoughts on MS and the internet, lemme know what yall think!

Tomorrow Mom and I are having Cinda (top commenter and real-life friend person) and her daughter Freya over for lunch and I’m making blueberry crisp which is exciting 🙂 hope you guys are also having a good start to summer/end to spring!

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