Stop. Hammer Time.

Ignore the fact that I’m awake at 5:34AM. Ignore that. You guys. I need to be happy openly on my blog. Which is something that I hate other people doing. So just to warn you: this post is going to be me being happy about my own life on my blog. You can turn back now. You can go look at cool stuff on the internet. Yes those were all different links. Anyway.

Remember that time when I was like “oh hey I’ll make some New Year’s Resolutions that will never happen” and it was kind of silly?

I have actually completed some of them! Aaah! What? This is crazy (as in “Hey, I just met you, and…”).

Completed resolutions:

#2: Get an A+. As of the last time I refreshed my grades page (around 5:20) I have an A+. Isn’t that weird? It’s really weird. I think it’s really weird. I’m really pleased.

#5: Write something I’m happy with. Well. I wrote something and it won a prize. And I don’t know how happy I am with it, but other people are happy with it. And since I am really hard to please, that might have to count.

#7: Do more crazy things. Um. TDF. ‘Nuff said.

#8: Run for an ADP office. Hey! I did that! And won! Next semester I am Junior Treasurer at ADP 🙂  Coolest of beans, as Elizabeth would say.

So, I realize that’s only 4/10. But 4/10 is kind of more than I expected to complete when I wrote the list. Hopefully the other 6 will happen before 2013 (if we don’t all die because of the Mayan calendar or something #didntseethemovie)! Exciting.

I would like to close with a gallery entitled “Pictures from my phone that explain my life”


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