Nostalgia Already?

Two years of college? Check!

Wow. I can’t believe this year is done! I can’t believe I’m sitting at home and the only work I have to do is work that I’ve imposed upon myself (hey self, why do you do stuff like that?). I can’t believe it’s summer! I can’t believe a lot of my friends are graduating and going off into real life (trapped in a think tank @kfedz)….wowowowowowowowwww

Anyway. I’m feeling some ridiculous amounts of nostalgia. And stuff. And I’m missing my friends. Already. And I’m feeling like the concert videos from the last VD concert DEFINITELY don’t have enough views yet. So with that I present the following songs:

“With A Little Help From My Friends” -Mr. Kenny Feder’s senior special, also featuring Jacob Feder (they are not as related as you might think) (this is hella cute)

“Sunday Morning” – with Ben Tweed (Tweedybear) and Elizabeth Litvitskiy (aka Elizabeth Lit-bff-skiy cuz she’s my bff)

“1234”- with Chelsea Goldsmith, my fantastic ADP sibling

“One Week” – with Michael Deck (the bff-est of bffs aka MDeck) and Solomon “Sol” Billinkoff (he raps! he dances! he slams!)

and finally, my first real crack at arranging, with lots of help from Kenny, “Oh My God” – with wonderful soloist Lisle Winston (she is the amazing-est person ever guys)

We had a couple other songs in the concert (“What Is Love/No Love” featuring Emily Jones, Michael Deck, Solomon Billinkoff, and Ben Tweed, and “Spiderwebs” featuring me and the lovely Matthew Krakaur) but we don’t have video of them yet. However, if you are reading this and you DO have video of those songs (I’m looking at you, every person in the audience that I saw holding a camera), please let me know! We’d love to have those videos!

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