Back With a Vengeance

Not really, I’m not angry.

So, what’s up with me?


No, no I didn’t. My parents came yesterday and robbed the crap out of me helped me move all my stuff out. About half of it went to a storage facility and half went home with the parentals.

It’s really weird to be in my room without all my stuff. I keep having conversations in my head like these ones:

-Hey self!

–oh hi.

-Let’s make cupcakes! I’ll just grab my cute red and white cupcake wrapper thingies and—-

–yup. They’re not there, are they?



-Hmm. Well. This red nail polish looks really awesome! Remember when I used that sparkly glitter silver polish to do a cool design on top of that red? I should do that again.

–try to find the silver nail polish. I dare you.

-Well then. To facebook! Again!

My room is fabulously terrifyingly stunningly empty. It’s a non-room It’s crazy. I’m a bit of a pack rat, so my room is usually SO FULL OF ALL THE THINGS.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m having the local Mormon missionaries over for dinner so we can talk about religion for a while. I think it’ll be fun. So I’m going to go make some chocolate peanut butter pie now. To my fellow college studentz, I hope your finals are wrapping up well! My stuff is already all done which is nice but also weird.

I did this really weird thing where I packed up all my work stuff the other day and headed up to the science library, unpacked my stuff, plugged in my computer, and realized…I have no work. I am a crazy person. I did all those things out of pure habit. What is my life?

That’s today’s confession of insanity, see yall soon! With pictures of chocolate peanut butter pie if it turns out well!



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