Brothersome Once More

In honor of my brotherbear Jacob’s sixteenth birthday, I thought I’d write another brothersome blog post. In the form of a letter. To said brother. Who does not read my blog.

Dear Jay-bob,

I can’t believe it’s been sixteen years since you were a strange creature who appeared in our house in Charlotte, wearing a green onesie and wriggling around on the floor. Is that sentimental and embarrassing? Oh, I hope so. Now that we don’t live in the same house anymore I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to be an embarrassing big sister.

I miss you lots, like all the time. I know we tend to not get along at all, but we still have our moments of comedy (Backstreet Boys singalongs in the basement, dance parties in the kitchen, etc etc) and togetherness. You also send me awesome text messages when you do text me (which is rarely).

I was thinking of giving you some sort of wisdom about being sixteen but a) I’m not wise and b) I hate that whole “life at sixteen” type of mindset and c) we’re so different that I don’t think anything I learned from being sixteen (or seventeen or eighteen or nineteen) would be applicable to your life.  So I’ll leave the advice-giving to Modge and Podge (and Ben. Ben gives great advice. Like “get pregnant.”).

Anyway, birthdays should be awesome days so I hope your day is awesome sauce-um. By that I mean I hope Ben isn’t destroying your birthday cake like he used to do or peeing on your door. And I hope golfing with Dad was fun and I hope dinner tonight is great. I wish I had come home for today! But I’ll see you within the next couple weeks.

Love and Embarrassing Big Sister Sentiments,


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