Bees On The Ceiling

I think I’ve talked before about staying up late to think, and how I used to stay up late at night for no reason. When I was little I used to imagine hordes of technicolor bees on my ceiling and would stay up just watching them.

Tonight I (along with a sizable chunk of Wesleyan) am up for a more tangible reason– Avengers! We are maybe the only theater that cheered every time Joss Whedon’s name appeared in the credits, hooray Middletown/Wesleyan/love for alums/Joss Whedon! It was a great movie! I very much enjoyed it. Then again, I enjoy destruction. And action movies. Especially those which are just a lot of destruction and not a lot of torture/gore, which basically describes Avengers quite well. Also a cast of heroes so likable that the theater cheered at least 20 individual lines (again, might be a Wesleyan thing).

ONE THING that super amused me though. I spent the whole movie trying to make sure I’d remember this (to put it all over the internet) because it was in the first scene: There’s this thing called the tesseract which seems to be a weird alien energy source (also this is not spoilers because as I said, first scene) is said to be “radiating interferons and gamma rays.”

Which is funny to me because these are interferons. Oh crap, did the scary alien energy source just help with your MS/hepatitis/cancer/flu/STD? We better shut that shit down, it’s dangerous. Did someone just decide “interferon” sounds like a scary word? Gamma rays are pretty bad, I’ll agree. But interferons. You could really do worse. I lol-ed about it for a while. Possibly by myself.

This is possibly not that interesting to the rest of you so I’ll do that thing where I’ll say something everyone can agree with and then the crowd can cheer: Whoa, Avengers was SO AWESOME!

*cheers from audience*

speaking of which, just hit 5,000 views today. Thank you so much for reading, wish my thoughts were more interesting. Tell me in the comments if there’s anything I should be writing about that I’m not!

Love and Superheroes, goodnight everybody

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