When Fiction Becomes Reality?

Have you read my dad’s second book? I haven’t but I saw the movie.

The main giant plot point/twist in my dad’s book is that a woman gets attacked (she gets hit in the head with a hammer) and she doesn’t know who did it when she wakes up. Which is now playing out in real life. We here in the Leebron-Rhett household are intrigued/fascinated/confused/horrified/very sad and sorry for the victim and her family/but really, whaaaat? This is crazy. I can’t get over it. I don’t even have anything intelligent to say about it. Are you as ohmygod-ed out as I am?

Home and Stuff

Hey there interwebs! I’m heading home again. I say again because I was actually just home for 5 days and then I headed back up to Wesleyan again for Reunion&Commencement (“R&C”) and now am heading back-the-f dowwwn to Pennsylvania. Lots of hopping around the East Coast! (if the West Coast is the Best Coast then the East Coast is… the Least Coast? IDKIDK)

R&C was fun but also stressful! And a ton of work! ADP hosted a wonderful R&C weekend for our grads and alums which looked awesome for them but was a lot of cleaning and washing and carrying for us undergrads. And my MS of course decided to hit pretty hard with a couple days of vertigo and fatigue which made the cleaning/washing/carrying slightly impossible. But I’m glad I was there, and I got to say goodbye to ADP’s 33 (geez) graduating seniors, who I will miss mad much. Also all my other graduating friends (K-Fedz! Gahhh!). It’s a little overwhelming.

Anyway, it’s good to be heading down with the knowledge that I can just chill for at least the next two-ish weeks after which point I might head back to TMWW for another summer of Trauma Group but I’m not really sure yet…gahhhh…. My internship at Gburg college starts tomorrow though which is enough excitement for this week. This is very ramble-y.

I just finished two books– Sybil Exposed and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (yes I do like to read multiple books at once and no, geez, I am still not an English major), and started reading In Cold Blood. I’m also sorting through like a million other books looking for excerpts to use in the student forum my friend Jenessa and I are hopefully teaching next year, it’s called Writing Through Trauma. Hey self, welcome to the family business! If you have any suggestions of good trauma writing, please let me know! We’ll be exploring a bunch of different kinds of trauma so anything yall send me has a good chance of fitting in somewhere 🙂

Heading home has me thinking more about home as a thing. And writing really good sentences, clearly (jkjk). One of my good friends just left on a study abroad trip for six weeks which brought up the thought topics of study abroad (not much good to say about it) and living in other countries (an entirely different topic altogether) so I might do a Favorite-Household-Object-esque meditation on living abroad soon.

Getting close to home, I know because the train just tilted pretty dramatically to one side. Evidently in south central PA we have not yet evolved the ability to build train tracks that lie flat. It’s good to be close to home.

(note: this post sounds like it was written by a drug-addicted mouse because it was written by me whilst on a very shaky train and listening to Watch the Throne for maybe the millionth time)

Curiouser and Curiouser

MS on the internet confuses the heck out of me.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my Uncle Tim (who is British) directed me to shift.ms which is a social network for people with MS. It’s based in England, which I think is why he was aware of it. It’s so cool that there’s a social network for MS! It’s actually a great idea for the MS community because there are only 2.5 mil of us worldwide (making MS 10 times less popular than TravelZoo) (don’t ask…) and so it’s kind of hard to find each other. Or when we do find each other there’s a lot of awkward “oh my god! you too?? this is SO EXCITING” which is probably not the right thing to say to someone upon finding out that they have a serious disease…. oops.

My problem with shift.ms is that it’s secretly a little useless. The way it’s set up is that everyone’s posts and updates just filter into one gigantic worldwide newsfeed, and it becomes really hard to identify what’s relevant to you. Also you can’t really find people who might be in the same age group or location as you are, which is kind of my goal, right? Anyway. It’s still a great thing to have, even if it needs some work still!

Bff-est of bffs, MDeck, recently texted me asking what the whole Race to Erase MS thing is about. Honest answer: bro, ni puta idea (since I’m not supposed to curse….in English, anyway). Race to Erase MS is a kind of confusing event that seems to be open to only celebrities (oh hey, Clay Walker) and doesn’t raise as much money as it should. 1.8 mil this year guys? Kim Kardashian’s wedding cost 10 mil and lasted a heckuva lot less long than MS. By “less long” I mean “like 2 months or whatever” or “not a marriage.” But anyway.

My point is that celebrities, as happy as they are to pose and smile for MS, don’t seem to want to give up tha cash money to help us out. Which is cute, right? Awww, little charitable celebs! Spending their pocket change on us! #bitter

So those are today’s naive thoughts on MS and the internet, lemme know what yall think!

Tomorrow Mom and I are having Cinda (top commenter and real-life friend person) and her daughter Freya over for lunch and I’m making blueberry crisp which is exciting 🙂 hope you guys are also having a good start to summer/end to spring!

Stop. Hammer Time.

Ignore the fact that I’m awake at 5:34AM. Ignore that. You guys. I need to be happy openly on my blog. Which is something that I hate other people doing. So just to warn you: this post is going to be me being happy about my own life on my blog. You can turn back now. You can go look at cool stuff on the internet. Yes those were all different links. Anyway.

Remember that time when I was like “oh hey I’ll make some New Year’s Resolutions that will never happen” and it was kind of silly?

I have actually completed some of them! Aaah! What? This is crazy (as in “Hey, I just met you, and…”).

Completed resolutions:

#2: Get an A+. As of the last time I refreshed my grades page (around 5:20) I have an A+. Isn’t that weird? It’s really weird. I think it’s really weird. I’m really pleased.

#5: Write something I’m happy with. Well. I wrote something and it won a prize. And I don’t know how happy I am with it, but other people are happy with it. And since I am really hard to please, that might have to count.

#7: Do more crazy things. Um. TDF. ‘Nuff said.

#8: Run for an ADP office. Hey! I did that! And won! Next semester I am Junior Treasurer at ADP 🙂  Coolest of beans, as Elizabeth would say.

So, I realize that’s only 4/10. But 4/10 is kind of more than I expected to complete when I wrote the list. Hopefully the other 6 will happen before 2013 (if we don’t all die because of the Mayan calendar or something #didntseethemovie)! Exciting.

I would like to close with a gallery entitled “Pictures from my phone that explain my life”


Nostalgia Already?

Two years of college? Check!

Wow. I can’t believe this year is done! I can’t believe I’m sitting at home and the only work I have to do is work that I’ve imposed upon myself (hey self, why do you do stuff like that?). I can’t believe it’s summer! I can’t believe a lot of my friends are graduating and going off into real life (trapped in a think tank @kfedz)….wowowowowowowowwww

Anyway. I’m feeling some ridiculous amounts of nostalgia. And stuff. And I’m missing my friends. Already. And I’m feeling like the concert videos from the last VD concert DEFINITELY don’t have enough views yet. So with that I present the following songs:

“With A Little Help From My Friends” -Mr. Kenny Feder’s senior special, also featuring Jacob Feder (they are not as related as you might think) (this is hella cute)

“Sunday Morning” – with Ben Tweed (Tweedybear) and Elizabeth Litvitskiy (aka Elizabeth Lit-bff-skiy cuz she’s my bff)

“1234”- with Chelsea Goldsmith, my fantastic ADP sibling

“One Week” – with Michael Deck (the bff-est of bffs aka MDeck) and Solomon “Sol” Billinkoff (he raps! he dances! he slams!)

and finally, my first real crack at arranging, with lots of help from Kenny, “Oh My God” – with wonderful soloist Lisle Winston (she is the amazing-est person ever guys)

We had a couple other songs in the concert (“What Is Love/No Love” featuring Emily Jones, Michael Deck, Solomon Billinkoff, and Ben Tweed, and “Spiderwebs” featuring me and the lovely Matthew Krakaur) but we don’t have video of them yet. However, if you are reading this and you DO have video of those songs (I’m looking at you, every person in the audience that I saw holding a camera), please let me know! We’d love to have those videos!

Back With a Vengeance

Not really, I’m not angry.

So, what’s up with me?


No, no I didn’t. My parents came yesterday and robbed the crap out of me helped me move all my stuff out. About half of it went to a storage facility and half went home with the parentals.

It’s really weird to be in my room without all my stuff. I keep having conversations in my head like these ones:

-Hey self!

–oh hi.

-Let’s make cupcakes! I’ll just grab my cute red and white cupcake wrapper thingies and—-

–yup. They’re not there, are they?



-Hmm. Well. This red nail polish looks really awesome! Remember when I used that sparkly glitter silver polish to do a cool design on top of that red? I should do that again.

–try to find the silver nail polish. I dare you.

-Well then. To facebook! Again!

My room is fabulously terrifyingly stunningly empty. It’s a non-room It’s crazy. I’m a bit of a pack rat, so my room is usually SO FULL OF ALL THE THINGS.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m having the local Mormon missionaries over for dinner so we can talk about religion for a while. I think it’ll be fun. So I’m going to go make some chocolate peanut butter pie now. To my fellow college studentz, I hope your finals are wrapping up well! My stuff is already all done which is nice but also weird.

I did this really weird thing where I packed up all my work stuff the other day and headed up to the science library, unpacked my stuff, plugged in my computer, and realized…I have no work. I am a crazy person. I did all those things out of pure habit. What is my life?

That’s today’s confession of insanity, see yall soon! With pictures of chocolate peanut butter pie if it turns out well!



Brothersome Once More

In honor of my brotherbear Jacob’s sixteenth birthday, I thought I’d write another brothersome blog post. In the form of a letter. To said brother. Who does not read my blog.

Dear Jay-bob,

I can’t believe it’s been sixteen years since you were a strange creature who appeared in our house in Charlotte, wearing a green onesie and wriggling around on the floor. Is that sentimental and embarrassing? Oh, I hope so. Now that we don’t live in the same house anymore I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to be an embarrassing big sister.

I miss you lots, like all the time. I know we tend to not get along at all, but we still have our moments of comedy (Backstreet Boys singalongs in the basement, dance parties in the kitchen, etc etc) and togetherness. You also send me awesome text messages when you do text me (which is rarely).

I was thinking of giving you some sort of wisdom about being sixteen but a) I’m not wise and b) I hate that whole “life at sixteen” type of mindset and c) we’re so different that I don’t think anything I learned from being sixteen (or seventeen or eighteen or nineteen) would be applicable to your life.  So I’ll leave the advice-giving to Modge and Podge (and Ben. Ben gives great advice. Like “get pregnant.”).

Anyway, birthdays should be awesome days so I hope your day is awesome sauce-um. By that I mean I hope Ben isn’t destroying your birthday cake like he used to do or peeing on your door. And I hope golfing with Dad was fun and I hope dinner tonight is great. I wish I had come home for today! But I’ll see you within the next couple weeks.

Love and Embarrassing Big Sister Sentiments,