The thing that happens when you brag about how awesome sauce-um your life is on your blog is that less awesome sauce-um things start to happen in rapid succession.

Oh well! Resilience is key. Hope your weekends have been fantastic, clearly you shouldn’t blog about them if so.

In related news, this is my guinea pig’s grave.

My mom and brothers buried her. She died on Friday the 13th. I guess this is kind of a silly thing to be sad about. However, guinea pigs are great pets in that they are always silly and worried and so no matter how silly and worried you are, they can cheer you up by being more so. Minnie was six years old which is very old for a guinea pig. A lot of things have changed in my life in the past six years.

Can’t promise I’ll be blogging a lot in the next week, as I have a 40 page paper due the 23rd which is already kicking my ass. Blogging is my favorite form of procrastination though, so maybe you’ll be hearing from me a lot.

I do have a ray of sunshine (not the literal sunshine) (there is so much sunshine here now) (that’s also really good) in my life though in the form of mah boyfran visiting 🙂 he’s been here since Friday and he’ll be here til Thursday and we are all happy and whatnot to be reunited.

Also, my gov class is doing a simulated election right now. Here’s the webpage for the campaign I’m involved in. Suzy fo’ Prez.

Love and Friday the 13th,


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