Hello and welcome to the Procrasti-Nation. Our credo is something along the lines of “We’ll do it tomorrow” but the great thing about tomorrow is that it’s always a day away.

But really, we’ll do it tomorrow. Except that midterm, which we’ll actually do in 11 hours. Only trust us if we specify, otherwise Shit. Just. Will. Not. Get. Done.

The Procrasti-Nation is characterized by tables with extra chairs pulled over in the Science Library ringing with loud laughter. Are you laughing about Physics 112? I doubt it. There is nothing funny about Introductory Physics II, my friends. Nothing.

Here I am, a secret member of the Procrasti-Nation. You might thing I’m working. But I’m not. I’m blogging about procrastinating. Which is kind of meta-procrastination, right?

Text Messages Between My Mother and I:

Mom: How are you?

Me: If I say stressed is it just stereotypical?

Mom: It’s just April in academia

Me: I hate April in Academia. I want Valium or Adderall or both.

Mom: Yeah it’s rough. How about water and sleep?

Me: I guess that’s like the same thing but not drugs.

Now I’m going to go do my favorite kind of procrastination: Doing Other Work That’s Not As Urgent. In this case, it’s the Gov 245 paper that’s due April 23rd. What day is it today? Just barely the 11th, thanks for asking. And what day is my Physics midterm? That would also be the 11th.

Proud citizen of the Procrasti-Nation, signing off.

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