They said What’s Up? And I said Giddyup

…moving on from my slightly ironic love of Sir Mix-A-Lot, this is a What’s Up? Post. So, hey self, What’s Up?

-tomorrow I’m going to Provincetown! Eyyo

-there might not be wi-fi there…. what? How to survive?

-Sunday I’ll be back on campus 🙂

-totally thought I was having a relapse last night! But I’m not! Thanks, @promethazine. Yay, right?

-Springtime in Gettysburg = cell phone pics. Pretty, right?

-still haven’t done all the studying/working I said I’d do over break. Guess that’s pretty unlikely now, huh?

-I made some pretty awesome desserts today (Chocolate Custard Tart and Lemon Squares from a baking blog I like)

-my Gram and my cousin Jono (er, Jonathan) visited today (hence the desserts)

-Wesleyan Admissions stuff/decisions/whatever it’s called comes out tomorrow. Er. Stress. Hey @boyfriend, it’d be cool if we went to the same college. Er. Stress.

-my next post (unless he gets rejected in which case I’ll just be like… alone in my room not writing blog posts. to be honest) will be more about Ann Romney and also about how I SHOOK HANDS with Rick Santorum

-in other news, I used up my mom’s bottle of hand sanitizer


and That’s What’s Up.

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