I’m Not Famous

….But Clay Walker is! Who’s Clay Walker, you might be wondering? That’s fine, not everybody listens to country (although personally I’m a country girl at heart) (shhh). So this is Clay Walker. Just because I wanted to save you guys the trouble of googling 🙂 

Why, you might be wondering, am I talking about Clay Walker? Because he called me today! Whoa, are you as surprised as I am? Let me explain:

-Clay Walker has MS

-I have MS (thus the blog title) 

-My uncle David lives in Houston

-Clay Walker lives in Houston

-My uncle met Clay Walker and told him about me and he decided to call me and talk about MS 

-Most famous 9 minutes of my life, right? 

The gist of this is that Clay Walker is a really cool famous person. I’m going to stop saying his name now. And just refer to him as That Famous Guy Who Called My Phone This One Time. JK. PS I have Clay Walker’s number. You can’t have it 🙂 

Anyway, in my dreams you guys who liked my facebook status about this same thing might have been thinking “it’s because of her blog” which it’s totally not (as I said, I’m not famous) (LOL @ self) but (quick segue): Thank you so much to all you readers who check my blog even when I haven’t posted anything new in forever. More than 3,000 views now! It’s really exciting to me 🙂 Also I love all the comments, I’m really sorry that I don’t respond. If it makes you feel better, I don’t respond to emails either. Mainly because social interactions stress me out. But that’s an entirely different topic! 


Anyway, I’m going to go back to doing what I’ve been doing this spring break: Watching Lost. And hanging with my parents. 

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