A Serious Query

We’re here to make you laugh. Get ready.

Question: What would you call a cooking show with convicts?

Answers: (courtesy of me, Michael Deck, Solomon Billinkoff, Matthew Krakaur, Talia Apkon, and Matt Leibowitz)

-The Lambshank Redemption

-Cooking with Convicts

-Don’t Drop the Croutons

-If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of Prison

-Gridiron Chef

  • -wait, isn’t that football?
  • -…damn

-Cooking Behind Bars

-Doing Time….In the Kitchen

-or, Doing Thyme

-Jailhouse Cook

-Jailhouse Crockpot

-Prison Cake

  • -what?
  • -based on Prison Break

-25 to Live Lobsters

-False Imprison-mint

-Behind Lemon Bars

-Death Roe (the sushi episode)

-Innocent Til Proven Guacamole

-Capital Nourishment

-Solitary Con Leche


-Dead Men Wok-ing


-Mac-n-Cheese Security



-Riker’s Fry-land

-Lethal Confections

-Lockdown with Bobby Flay (nobody but Michael understands this)

-Guantanamo Fillet

“If there was a fashion show, instead of Electric Chair, I’d call it Eclectic Flair” -Matthew Krakaur

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