A Very Brothersome Blog Post


Sorry for just spamming you really hard with lots of pictures of my adorable brothers doing adorable things. In case you couldn’t tell, I super love my brothers. So should you. They do adorable things like:

-pronounce muffin “mutha” and frog “fug”, and let themselves be tricked into saying “muffinfrog” over and over

-turn their entire room into a Rube Goldberg machine (not sure what it does yet)

-be obsessed with their cats (this is for both of them)

-demand to be allowed to name my guinea pig and then name her first John (FEMALE GUINEA PIG), then Pink Power Ranger (…), and finally Princess

-look adorable all the time

-be really gullible and get convinced (by me) that having MS makes you grow eyes in the back of your head. And then report that “fact” to their teacher

-create a bunch of blogs due to jealousy that me and mom are blogging

-be related to me (jkjk)

-never ever ever read my blog because they hate it. But I love them.

To my darling brotherbears, I can’t wait to seeeeee you guys next month so we can be all happy to see each other for like 10 seconds and then retreat back to our separate computers ❤

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