Reunited and it feels fantastic

Greetings from collegeland! That’s right, I’m back at school for the spring semester. As I was discussing with Michael, this semester is missing something: naivete. (sorry about the lack of accent marks)

First semester of college, there was this great feeling of wow!  I’m in college now! Classes are going to be so cool! Which they were, in fact all of them were pretty fantastic. But they were also reallllly hard.

Second semester, there was still some wow! I made it through one semester! Now I’m going to try some new classes? I wonder what those will be like! To summarize, they were still really hard. Oh, and I got MS. Not relevant though.

Third semester, I managed to trick myself into being excited. Some things still felt “new,” like taking all science classes for the first time and taking cello lessons again after four years of not playing. That made me excited for the semester.

However, fourth semester has a new feeling: dread. I dread: not doing the reading and then being stressed, doing the reading and failing tests anyway, flashcards, leaving things til the last minute, days when I leave my house in the morning and don’t get home until 11, days where I don’t leave the library, days when I do leave the library when I shouldn’t (and then regret it), late nights that I can’t avoid, weeks that seem impossible, devoting too much time to my a cappella group and feeling like I don’t regret it at all….

BUT I’m still pretty happy. Why? Because my classes this semester ARE cool, even though I know that my own procrastination will make them feel significantly less cool. And, of course, I’m reunited with my awesome friends! (Thus the title of this post) Today I had a wonderful day, mainly with my friend Lisle. Lisle is the House Manager for Science Hall, and we spent the day:

a) going to the bookstore and buying all our books and then feeling really prepared

b) torturing a Subway employee (don’t ask, the story isn’t as good to tell as we thought it would be)

c) buying lots of food

d) doing “door decs” (door decorations) for her residents

e) cooking a lot of food

f) being joined by Michael, who just got in from Tokyo

g) eating a lot of food

h) seeing Kenny, who just got in from Philly

i) working on arrangements for our a cappella group

I didn’t do what I should have done, which is clean my room so I have a place to go home to (and not feel stressed and overcrowded) before classes even start. But I did a lot of things that felt fun and semi-productive. Even though I”m stressed about the semester (5.5 credits, two ADP committees, two jobs, one S&C shift, oh and my lovely a cappella group), it’s good to be back. Get at me, fourth semester. LOL @ self. #insomnia #sorryreaders #byenow

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