Guess what you WON’T be doing tomorrow?

Reading my blog! (How sad) Or, ya know, looking anything up on Wikipedia. Or going on Reddit. Or, in case you didn’t infer, reading any other blog that works through WordPress. Why? They’re all shutting down tomorrow to protest SOPA, an “internet piracy” act that actually threatens internet freedom.



No Wikipedia? How will I find out anything?

Oh right, Yahoo! Answers will save me. JKJK.

But seriously, everyone should go find out more about SOPA (which in Spanish means soup) and decide how they feel about the issue! It will probably affect your life (at least tomorrow, when you’re like WAIT I want a list of all the top US albums for 1992 or to know where Winona Ryder was born or to find out where your favorite author lives).

So, my life will be a little empty tomorrow without this blog. Not to fear, my mom and I will work on our mother-daughter-blog-stravaganza which we hope to publish on both our blogs after the wordpress blackout.

Have a nice blog-free-info-free-reddit-free day, guys 🙂 make sure to look up SOPA on wikipedia before midnight!

PS Thanks to BFF-sky Michael for alerting me to this topic/issue!

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