Books I’ve read lately:

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Sister by Rosamund Lupton


If you’re like me and you get extremely affected by books, don’t read all three of those at once. It’s completely terrifying.

The Handmaid’s Tale talks about falling in love really negatively (well, so does The Marriage Plot but in a less straightforward way). It’s weird because I feel like I always want to be falling in love with something, like

Developmental Biology


Green Tea

Never Let Me Go (the book more so than the movie)

Vitamin D

and it’s so nice when you get to fall in love with something permanent (or as permanent as things get). Green tea will always taste the same and Never Let Me Go will not be rewritten suddenly. Did you know that honey is the one food that (thus far) has never gone bad?

Too bad I don’t like green tea with honey, too sweet.

It’s scarier when you fall in love with things that can change quickly like science (new developments all the time and suddenly you don’t understand anymore) or people (pretty much the same explanation as science).

Getting MS is kind of like falling in love.

First you’re like oh, this feels weird.

And then you’re in denial for a really long time and you keep saying “oh, it doesn’t matter.”

But then when you think about it when you’re just by yourself at night you cry (and then you realize that it means something).

And from then on you’re either trying to make it work or escape.

I guess the difference is that MS doesn’t make you happy (unless, I guess, your doctor gives you enough Valium).


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