Statistics. Now there’s a class I haven’t taken yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to. I wonder if Wesleyan offers some sort of class on the significance of statistics, though. Or if there is such a class somewhere. Kacie likes to say “73% of statistics are made up on the spot,” which is on too high a level for my eight year old brother to figure out.

Most MS drugs say that they will lessen the chance you will have a relapse by 30%.

Doctors seem very concerned about me and my medications. Will I keep taking them? Do I understand how important they are? Have I been taking them? Will I stay on them? Of course I will, of course. To me, this is not a question. If a doctor (well, a good doctor) prescribes me medication and there seems to be a good reason for me to take that medication, I will take it. Even if I don’t quite see the reasoning, I still take the meds. Apparently that’s not true for a lot of people, which is very alien to me. Why wouldn’t you take your meds?

Reasons they could give (that I can think of):

Well, my MS isn’t causing problems now. So why should I have to take meds now?

They’re expensive.

I don’t like needles, and the oral meds are too dangerous.

I’m not sure I have MS (aka denial).

30% isn’t enough.

It’s that last one that really bothers me. 30% isn’t enough? I understand that we all want 0 relapses, aka 100% less, but that’s not currently what’s being offered. But what does 30% really mean?

If weather.com tells me there’s a 30% chance of rain, I probably won’t wear my rain boots (they’re too heavy) or wear a raincoat (too dorky) but I might take my umbrella, because it’s easy.

If I told you that you could make 30% more money next year, or have 30% more sex, you’d pay attention.

If you could score 30% higher on the SAT or have a 30% higher GPA, you would care.

What makes 30% significant sometimes, but not other times?


Anyway, this post is in response to poll responses so far, which said that I should write more about MS (duh, should have been doing that already). This is more about me musing than about MS I guess, sigh. And to Cinda, who said I should write about a creative writing class, I happen to be taking creative writing next semester, so you’re in luck 🙂

Also, just a side note, my blog had 96 (!!!) views yesterday. Not sure how that happened, but to all 96 of you, hope you enjoyed it and let me know what I can do better 🙂 so cool!!!

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